General dispositions

The terms and conditions are available for consultation on this website (mibylescorner.com) and prevail over any other version or document. The terms and conditions are about ruling the contractual relationships between Mibyle, artist and owner of this shop (Mibyle's Corner), and the customers ordering from this website (mibylescorner.com). The terms and conditions apply to each and every product sold and sales made on this shop (Mibyle's Corner at mibylescorner.com).

By purchasing on this shop (Mibyle's Corner at mibylescorner.com), you fully agree with the terms and conditions.

Mibyle reserves all rights to change at any moment the terms and conditions.


Prices concern only the products and do not include delivery. Every order is paid in Euros.

exempt from VAT in accompliance with the section 293 B of the French General Tax Code (TVA non applicable, art. 293 B du CGI). This applies to France, but might not apply to foreign countries. Hence, you may have to pay taxes when receiving your order.

Mibyle reserves all rights to deny any order from a customer with whom any problem might have happened before.

Ordering means the customer agrees with the prices and the product descriptions. The prices are those applicable for the moment of the checkout, without delivery cost. The prices can be changed at any moment for any outside reason.

Delivery costs are chargeable to the customer. They are charged in addition to the products price, depending on the recipient location and the weight of the order. They include packaging.

Online shopping

In compliance with the section 1127-1 of the Code Civil (French Civil Code), the customer must follow the following steps in order to fulfill their order online: essential informations about the product; choice of the product and, if required, its options; giving the essential contact informations of the customer, such as their name, email address, address, ... ; verifying the details of their order; confirming the details of the order and of the contact informations and, if needed, correcting them.

Before confirming their order, the customer can check its details, its price, and correct any potential mistake, or cancel their order.

Confirming the order means the customer agrees with those terms and conditions.

Payment instructions will then let the customer pay for the products and for the delivery.

The customer will receive an order confirmation email.

The communications, the order, the details of the order, and the receipt are storaged in a reliable and durable support in order to establish an accurate and durable copy in accompliance with the section 1360 of the French Civil Code. This data/information can be used as a proof of this contract - meaning the customer and Mibyle agreeing on the terms and conditions.

The order will be delivered at the address given by the customer. The customer commits to give accurate information. Mibyle reserves the possibility to refuse the order, for instance in the case of any abnormal or insincere situation.


This website (mibylescorner.com) is intented for personal, non-commercial use. Users are allowed to visit it and see its content from any digital device, such as laptop, smartphone, tablet, ...

Every element on this website (mibylescorner.com), such as logos, texts, pictures, illustrations, products, ... , are protected under the intellectual property (copyright) and under the Civil Code and are Mibyle's property.

Thus no element can be downloaded, represented, reproduced, copied, imitated, handed over, translated, sold, exploited or used for commercial gain nor for free, nor by any way, without Mibyle's explicit agreement.


Mibyle commits to refund any lost order or any product that does not correspond to the product the customer ordered. An order is considered lost if it still did not arrive three months after the purchase.

Refund request must be sent by email to Mibyle, at mibyledraws@gmail.com .

The customer has the right to withdraw for fifteen days, starting from the day of receiving the order, to make a claim.

Protection of personal data

In accompliance with the rule 2016/679 of the 27th of April 2016 (Règlement 2016/679 du 27 avril 2016) regarding the protection of people vis-à-vis personal data processing and free flow, the seller and shop owner, Mibyle, processes those data with the purpose of selling and delivering products and services defined in this contract of terms and conditions. The personal elements requested for ordering are required for making the receipt - it is a legal requirement - and the delivery of the ordered goods/products. Thus the order could not be fulfilled without those personal elements/information.

No automated decision or profiling are executed through the order process.

The customer has the right to make a complaint to a control authority.

Governing law

While the terms and conditions are written in English for practical reasons - Mibyle's Corner beeing open to international, non-French speaking customers - the French law applies.