I send each of your lovely orders myself from the North of France!

Shipping prices

To France
  • standard (no tracking): 2,50 euros
  • standard (with tracking): 3 euros
  • stickers only (up to 10 stickers - no tracking): 1,40 euros

To the European Union
  • standard (no tracking): 3,50 euros
  • standard (with tracking): 6 euros
  • stickers only (up to 10 stickers - no tracking): 2 euros

To everywhere else (see info below!)
  • standard (no tracking): 4 euros
  • standard (with tracking): 6 euros
  • stickers only (up to 10 stickers - no tracking): 2 euros

Where can I deliver orders?

I unfortunately cannot deliver to: China, Cuba, Egypt and Algeria, due to delivery service terms and to administrative reasons.

Please note that this list might change. If for any reason I see when I take care of your order that it unfortunately cannot be delivered in your country, I will fully refund you, including shipping.

Please also note that you might have to pay taxes when you receive your order, depending on your country's import laws. Keep an eye on the tracking of your order to make sure it's not kept at the customs too!

How long should it take for my order to arrive?

  • to France: 4-14 business days
  • to another country in the EU: 7-21 business days
  • to America and other parts of the world: 14-30 business days

Please note that it might take more time for your order to arrive, depending on the delivery service and what problems they might encounter due to the pandemic. Those are indeed estimated times on an indicative basis. Orders are shipped from the North of France.

How will my order be packed?

I know that opening a small art shop order is an amazing experience! However, sustainability is very important for me - and I'm sure it is for you as well! This is why I went for a compromise between sustainability and customer experience: your lovely orders are packed in a high quality and well sourced Kraft paper and some washi tape. You can reuse it to pack gifts, to draw on it or as scrap paper for instance. As it is paper, it's also recyclable (at least on paper: I know recycling systems aren't the same everywhere, so please check with yours!).
Regarding the envelops, I use two types  of them. For sticker only shipping, I use well sourced and recyclable A6 envelops. For the other shipping options, I use envelops with a thicker paper and that has a carboard side to make sure the prints aren't damaged during their journey. These are also well sourced and recyclable.